What is a NFC?

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a technology allowing to exchange information between a reader and a compatible mobile terminal. It is the technology you use with your credit card for contactless payment, or your transport card. The advantage of this technology is that in principle, no application is required. You just have to bring the two supports closer, less than 1 cm.

Is it already used?

Yes, mainly with our bank cards and the contactless payment function. Today, most of the recent phones, your credit cards and your earphones are NFC compatible.

How does it work?

NFC works thanks to a chip that allows the exchange of information between two equipped devices. It can be between 2 phones, between a phone and a payment terminal or a speaker. This technology is used in particular by the manufacturers of contactless bank cards. If your card is compatible, a small logo close to the Wi-Fi one is present on it.

Is it safe?

In the case of passive NFC, as is the case here, the chip has no access to the data stored in the phone. Moreover, the technology only works over very small distances (there must be less than 1cm between the phone and the watch), which considerably reduces the risks.

What information are available?

The access is very wide, the NFC will redirect the user to a link set by the brand. This link can redirect to any type of page (existing or specially created by the brand: forms, videos, etc.).

Which cell phones are NFC-enabled?

Most recent Android and IOS smartphones are equipped with an NFC chip.

Is this technology new in watchmaking?

While NFC technology is not new in a watch (contactless payment watch),it takes on a whole new dimension here thanks to the innovations developed: theinternal structure of the watch remains completely unchanged; the technology, which is non-invasive, is integrated only in the sapphire crystal glass. And BA111OD is the first watchmaker to use the NFC function at your service.

Why adding it to the Chapter 4.1 T.V.D.?

Thomas Baillod is a precursor in his approach, since the creation of hisbrand in 2019. Driven by the desire to create the watch of today. The one that brings together all the splendor of classical watchmaking with the technology of our time. Without intruding on the mechanical movement and without distortingits aesthetics.

With Chapter 4.1 The Veblen Dilemma Tourbillon, he creates the convergence of art and technology, combining one of the most prestigious watchmaking complications, the tourbillon (invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet in1801), with a technological feat, the very first NFC-connected glass in the history of watchmaking, pushing back the limits and offering, on demand, new services, a world first.

Why does BA111OD announce it now?

Thomas Baillod is very attached to his growing community. It is to them that he owes his success and growing sales. In the case of the Tourbillon, the buyers trusted him with a simple drawing. As this is his very first complication, he wanted to mark the occasion and at the same time thank eachand every one of you for having placed your trust in him, by offering a worldfirst, when delivering the piece.

What are the advantages?

Chapter 4.1 The Veblen Dilemma is the world's first watch with ID Glasstechnology. Developed in Switzerland, it consists of an NFC tag, inserted inthe sapphire crystal. By scanning the watch with your smartphone (Android orIOS), you have access to information stored on this chip, thanks to a dynamic url: authentication solution, connection to a personalized exchange space, detection service in case of theft. 

Can we track the timepiece or have information collected without your consent?

No, this is impossible. On the same principle as the bank card is only active during contactless payment, the application on the phone is only activated when it is less than 1cm from the watch for a few seconds. And in this case, the chip does not have access to the data stored in the phone.

As in the case of the bank card, this technology is non-invasive, the module in the glass being totally passive. This means that it is awakened by the occasional reading, on a low frequency of 13.56Mhz. It can even be totally deactivated.

How do I disable NFC?

If we do not set it up in the first place, it will not be active.

Can this chip alter the proper functioning of the watch?

No, because there is voluntarily no intrusion in the mechanical movement.

Does the tag on the sapphire crystal glass distort the aesthetics of the timepiece?

No, you won’t even notice it.

What happens to my Tourbillon in 80 years when the NFC tag reaches the end of its life?

Rest assured, your timepiece will still be working perfectly. It's just that this technology will be permanently deactivated. We will be in year 2100!