Chapter 1.5 Phantom

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We source this mesmerizing movement from a manufacture in China and optimize it with our senior swiss watchmaker. All our timepieces are assembled and quality controlled in Switzerland.

Please note that the adjustment of your metal strap requires a professional watchmaker service.

All of our watches are numbered. Our 2-year international watch warranty and the worldwide shipping costs are included. 



      Vertical brushed, grey color with applied indexes


      43mm, stainless steel 316L anti allergic with gun metal PVD - open back


      Automatic with double oscillator, 47 jewels


      42 hours


      At 4 o'clock, engraved with the logo BA111OD


      Domed sapphire crystal with double anti reflective coating


      3 ATM (rain & water splash)


      Stainless steel 316L anti allergic with gun metal PVD & deploying buckle


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      my 1.5 Phantom experience

      The watches are not cheap (I wouldn’t talk about such a thing as I believe that if something is cheap it is pointless to lose any breath about it. There must be a reason for the price and the quality is usually the prime suspect). The people whom I have talked about, all had good things and wows to comment on the watch – but cheap never was one. And that is important because it is about how the watch is making you feel. Cheap? No, thank you.
      From the computer screen, it was clear that the large second's hand was the main central thing on the dial while the hour/minute dial and hands were at 1 o’clock. It was very obvious there are 2 balance wheels (though not much information about its utility) and the 4 o’clock signed crown. When arriving, I started discovering and being amazed at things not so obvious or plainly misunderstood in the first place.
      The founder of this concept brand comes from the sales and money side of the watch industry, so it is no surprise when one discovers quite a lot of bang for the buck as he really knows how to make those watches shine.

      Here are my favourites:
      - the case, that can be most likely appreciated in reality, is very nice for a modern watch alternating the brushed finishes with the polished surfaces, giving it character and contrast.
      - the domed crystal is great and the back sapphire window opened the big rotor with the logo and the interesting movement.
      - at 7.5 inches wrist size, I was nervous that the watch was too big for me. Due to its elevated lugs, especially on metal bands, the miracle happened – the watch rests where I want it and how I wanted it without overshadowing the normal proportion a watch should comfortably have.
      - the name, logo etc. are less intrusive, leaving air and maybe a chance for a good old conversation - to ask a question or two if considered appropriate.
      - the wallet has its logo and seems well made; even the cardboard boxes hold their shape and do a good protective job. The weakest link in this chain is the cardboard sleeve which, after several uses, gets frail and starts tearing apart.
      - the movement is decent – after regulating it, I consistently get 11 – 17 seconds fast a day which is ok when one knows the watch and uses it to tell the time. I use it at work to help me count my patient’s respiratory rate or when manually checking the heart pulse.

      for the chapter 1.5 phantom I wear a black biker signet – grey slacks or jeans and a shirt; maybe a tweed or linen jacket;

      Is this watch for everybody? My first instinct would be to say 'no', but then again, when the problem of purchasing a new watch comes, I start thinking that the lines of the people who really hate it are quite thin: in the ba111od offer there is something for a lot of preferences and styles; even with a low budget, a celebration, an achievement that deserves to be memorable will surely do and they make amazing gifts that can be planned ahead. If thinking about it, it is something supposed to last (the warranty is 2 years) and is of permanent use - it can carry a handshake and warm feelings over time and space.
      Who would still choose socks for Christmas presents?

      Roland Ferrari Ferrari
      La Phantom de BA1110D

      Une belle réussite la Phantom avec son aspect polie-satiné, elle a des teintes discrètes mais elle se remarque et plaît beaucoup.

      Jc Zufferey
      Pas si « fantôme » que ça !

      Seconde montre sur bracelet acier de ma collection. J’ai eu la chance amicale de recevoir le second exemplaire mis sur le marché. Je l’attendais impatiemment, elle ne fut pas un fantôme, mais la vraie « Phantom » !


      L’art de sublimer le temps qui passe.
      Tout en élégance et en sobriété.

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