Thomas Baillod demonstrates to the watch industry how sales prices can be reduced with a decentralized sales concept and lean production structures.



He's done it again. At Inhorgenta 2024, Thomas Baillod, founder of the BA111OD watch brand, presents his first complication watch "Chapter Delta" with a triangular hour marker. The first version bears the model name AGIL and is limited to 111 consecutively numbered pieces.

The time display of the new BA111OD watch is truly a show: Instead of an hour hand, an index point moves across the dial on a triangular orbit, driven by a smooth-running hypocycloid gear train that virtually rolls along the inner edge of the triangle. The minute hand rotates conventionally once an hour around its bearing point in the center of the dial.


Original article (in German) by Peter Braun : BA111OD Chapter Delta - ARMBANDUHREN – Das Magazin (


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