Established in 2019, BA111OD has rapidly become a leader in making high-end Swiss watchmaking accessible, merging the artistry and precision of traditional Swiss watches with affordability. As a gem among Switzerland's best-kept secrets, BA111OD is based in the heart of the Swiss watch valley, Neuchâtel. Here, our skilled artisans blend innovative design with cutting-edge technology and exquisite quality materials, crafting timepieces that are not just watches but symbols of attainable luxury. Embracing Thomas Baillod's we-commerce model, BA111OD combines the convenience of ecommerce with personal human interactions, creating a unique shopping experience. This approach, integrating online sales with we-commerce and physical touchpoints, turns each product launch into a significant event, engaging our growing Afluendor community on platforms like LinkedIn and through exclusive events. Our watches, known for their distinct design and exceptional value, embody our mission to democratize luxury watchmaking, inviting everyone to join us in this extraordinary journey.



June 25th 2024

Chapter 4.8 GMT Greenwich Tourbillon

Limited Edition

June 13th 2024

Chapter 6


May 24th 2024


Label Noir Limited Edition

April 4th 2024

Chapter 4.9 Meteor Tourbillon

Feburary 12th 2024

CHPTR_Δ AGIL Limited Edition

January 2024

BA111OD Brand update


October 11 2023

Chapter 7 #BA111ODTurns4

September 8 2023

Chapter 4.7 Onyx Tourbillon C. Lémanic

August 24 2023

Chapter 6

July 26 2023

Chapter 4.6 GMT Tourbillon 1920 LE

May 23 2023

Chapter 4.5 T.V.D. Tourbillon 40mm

May 10 2023

Chapter 3.5 ZEST & 3.6 AZUR

March 22 2023


February 22 2023

Chapter 4.2 Lily Tourbillon

February 22 2023

The Brand

February 2nd 2023

Optimism for watch company BA111OD


December 12 2022

Chapter 4.3 & 4.4 Eclipse Tourbillon

November 18 2022

Chapter 3.4 Black Pepper

October 11 2022

Chapter 5.1 Chrono Magma

September 01 2022

Chapter 3.3 1R1SÉ

August 2022

A new milestone


October 2021

Chapter 4.1 The Veblen Dilemma