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From a concept to a brand.


Welcome to the Our Concept page of BA111OD, the innovative and customer-centric watchmaking brand that is transforming the industry with its unique approach to distribution and marketing.

At the heart of BA111OD is our founder and CEO, Thomas Baillod, a dynamic and experienced entrepreneur who is committed to creating the watchmaking of tomorrow. From the idea of a business model to the creation of a brand, Thomas has built BA111OD from the ground up, with no financing or investors, and a clear vision of the future of distribution.

Our concept is based on a reflection on the current state of the watchmaking industry, where a few brands monopolize a large part of the growth and direct it towards ultra-luxury, while neglecting the needs of the customers and the potential of digital transformation. BA111OD seeks to challenge this trend by offering a new model of distribution that optimizes margins in favor of the customer and brings back emotion and human contact to the transaction.


We call this model We-commerce, a concept that reconciles traditional commerce and e-commerce, and creates a community of passionate customers who share the same values and interests. Our customers are not just end consumers, they are also our Afluendors, our ambassadors, influencers and vendors who animate the community and pass on the right to acquire our watches.

Afluendor explanation
Afluendor explanation

Afluendors are at the center of our marketing strategy, as we believe that word-of-mouth and authentic information are more valuable than expensive advertising and paid endorsements. Our Afluendors have the possibility of being not only the vector of distribution, but also of sale, and they are rewarded for it. This concept is based on a voluntary basis by the customer, and the sale is done by the brand, creating a decorrelation between the experience and the sale.

Is this based on a Tupperware, multi-level marketing, or pyramid scheme?

Absolutely not! While Multi-Level Marketing is illegal, our model is vastly different. We use a Single Level Marketing approach, solely rewarding our Afluendors if they choose to endorse our brand, with no obligations. Customers can directly order from our website like any other e-commerce platform.

The tokens we offer are simply a thank-you for promoting our brand. It's not a job, there's no direct monetary benefit, and it's not endless like Tupperware. While many brands spend heavily on influencers, we choose to reward our customers when they champion our brand. A crucial distinction is that our patrons don't benefit if their referral makes a sale, ensuring we're far from a pyramid setup.

At BA111OD, we believe that the challenge is not to rethink the way we produce a watch, but how we sell it. We are committed to creating a customer-centric model of distribution that optimizes margins in favor of the customer and brings back emotion and human contact to the transaction.