BA111OD, from the idea of a business model to the creation of a brand

Neuchâtel, February 2023 - BA111OD is the high-performance start-up that people are talking about, the brand that stands out in the traditional watchmaking landscape and that sells. At its head is Thomas Baillod, a dynamic entrepreneur from Neuchâtel, who comes from the ranks and is focused on the watchmaking of tomorrow. On his own, with no financing and no investors, he created a concept at the end of 2019, based on a reflection on the future of distribution. BA111OD was born and sold its first watches in the process. The concept has become a brand with exponential growth, with sales exceeding 3 million Swiss francs in 2022. This success has enabled the company to prepare for the launch of a number of high-profile products in 2023, which will reshuffle the cards in the mid- and high-end segments...