The world of affordable Swiss made tourbillons is red hot! Swiss maison, Ba111od released a new model – the Chapter 4 in 2021. A Swiss made tourbillon for less than CHF 4,000, launch price. We received a loaner for review. And here is our comprehensive review of the Ba1110d Chapter 4. Review: New king of affordable Swiss tourbillons: – the Ba1110d Chapter 4.1 TVD The Ba1110d Chapter 4.1 TVD is now available at CHF 4,920 before VAT. The first 30 units were offered at CHF 3,920 before VAT. Limited edition of 220 pieces. The nomenclature of the brand is peculiar. First the brand name of Ba111od. Named after the founder Thomas Baillod, the “ill” in the middle is replaced with triple 1s. The Ba111od literature tries to explain it, but we found it cryptic. Perhaps its the language barrier, as the text has obviously been translated from French, and the company based in Neuchâtel. Anyhow, we find it cute, and rather interesting. The landscape for affordable tourbillons is extremely thin. As far as we know, only Horage offers a watch with a Swiss made tourbillon for less than CHF 10k before taxes. The Ba1110d Chapter 4 was unveiled on October 11, 2021, not long after we made our comprehensive review of the Horage Tourbillon 1 which was offered at CHF 7,480 before taxes. Horage has since discontinued the Tourbillon 1, and replaced it with the Horage Lensman 1 currently retailing at CHF 8,390 with the price increasing from February 28, 2023 onwards, the Lensman 1 will be set at a retail price of CHF 8,890. Both the Ba111od and the Horage Lensman1 handily undercuts the TAG Heuer Carrera 02T Chronograph Tourbillon which currently retails at SGD 28,250 (approximately CHF 19,800 with tax) for the least expensive variant. . Admittedly the TAG also includes a chronograph for additional utility. See also our discussion on Wallet Friendly Tourbillons for more options. As we discussed in the Horage Tourbillon 1 review, there are lower priced tourbillons are available in the market, but these will inevitably be those from mass market Chinese manufactures. Needless to say, these tourbillons are not quite at the level of the Swiss or Germans, and leave quite a bit to be desired in terms of finish and reliable operations. Perhaps soon these Chinese tourbillons may be able to offer an alternative, but as of now, we do not think they do. Concluding thoughts A rather nice watch, we think. It worked well during the 3 weeks or so it was with us, taking everything a corporate life can throw at it in an urban environment. It looked great, and though not in the company of regular folks, it was the center of attention of any gathering of watch collectors. Most of whom have wowed and oohed at the fact that this was a well designed, well made tourbillon selling for less than the least expensive Rolex. So we are impressed. And throughly endorse the Ba111ord Chapter 4.1. Needless to say, but we will say it anyway, we have not received any compensation of any kind for this review. Only the kind loaner for 3 weeks of wear and photography. And we were more than a tinge sad when the time came for us to return the Chapter 4 to Neuchâtel. Read full article by Peter Chong, Deployant Original language: English

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