The young brand introduces its very first manufacture movement in a timepiece that offers a very different experience of reading time…

BA111OD launches its first manufacture movement: developed and produced in La Chaux-de-Fonds with the help of the renowned watchmaker Olivier Mory, CHPTR_Δ (pronounced Chapter Delta) highlights the duality between the circular time of the minutes and the hypocycloidal time of the hours, enclosed in a triangle, in the foreground of the dial. This asymmetrical reading of time, which slows down at the edges and speeds up again, like a dance, hints at another experience of time, symbolising the merry-go-round of life.
Chapter delta
Rather than simply rotating a hand around a central axis, the movement was designed to “roll” a satellite hour wheel around a fixed central hour wheel. When a wheel is rotated around another wheel, the trajectory described by any point on this satellite wheel is a cycloid. There are several types of cycloids, some of which have particular trajectories, depending on the size ratio between the fixed wheel and the satellite wheel, as well as whether the satellite wheel rotates inside or outside the fixed wheel.
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