From a concept to a brand

BA111OD launched in 2019 as a concept, garnering instant commercial success and transcending into a brand. The brand name takes after the surname of the founder, Thomas Baillod, a native of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Baillod is a veteran in the watch industry with close ties to the Vallée de Joux. As a mark, BA111OD may have a Gen-Z feel to it, and it certainly conjures a sense of futurism. Considering the brand’s social-community-based sales model, however, it seems rather appropriate.

Essentially, BA111OD mobilizes a social watch-buyers community to sell its pieces. The brand gives previous customers the chance to become “Afluendors” and pass on purchasing rights to interested parties through its app-based community. The concept (and the whole brand journey) is a lot more elaborate and deserves a write-up of its own. For the purpose of this article, however, I’d like to highlight BA111OD’s latest project — Chapter 4.1, The Veblen Dilemma.

Swiss-made in its truest form

This ambitious value proposition is an individually numbered high-grade tourbillon, entirely designed and made in the Jura Arc in Switzerland. Despite that, it comes in at €4,820 before VAT. The 44mm case is made of Grade 5 titanium with an anthracite DLC coating developed exclusively by Positive Coating for BA111OD. It features mirror-polished, chamfered, and blued screws, a double-sided ringed gear train, and rolled pivots.


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