Highlights (und “Lowlights”) in Inhorgenta München 2024 

Monday, 8.30 a.m. - the turnstiles at the West Entrance of Messe München open for the press. However, there wasn't really much going on - but Leon and I had basically expected that, as many watch brands with whom we had made appointments had already signaled in advance that Monday, the last of four days of the trade fair, would probably be pretty quiet.

At the same time, it should be remembered that Inhorgenta is exclusively reserved for trade visitors such as retailers, engravers, watchmakers, subcontractors, PR agencies and others - a bit like the now-buried Baselworld. Ordinary" end customers have no access, which naturally limits the number of visitors. And this is precisely what discourages some of the watch brands I've spoken to in advance, who see WatchTime Düsseldorf as a better format that's simply "closer" and really appeals to the "normal" watch-loving public.

Inhorgenta 2024 3

My highlights of Inhorgenta 2024

I first met Thomas Baillod, the man behind the brand BA111OD, which was founded four years ago, at Inhorgenta 2024. One of my first questions was obvious: how are you supposed to pronounce the brand name? In fact, they were very relaxed: "Just as you like", I was told. However, I then stuck to the pronunciation of brand initiator Thomas' surname, i.e. "bai-jo".

IMG 2294

When I picked up the first BA111OD model, it almost crashed out of my hand onto the table - not because I didn't like the model, but because I had probably had a little too much coffee at one or other of the trade fair stands.

In any case, I was particularly impressed by the CHPTR_Δ model, which has a time display that I have never seen before in this form: A classic, bold minute hand extends from the center. At first I thought it was a one-hand watch, but the model actually has a dot in the form of an hour hand (in red on the model below) that moves within the striking delta in the middle, tracing its course and lingering in each of the three corners for 30 minutes before moving on to the next third of the delta.

Thomas Baillod is also particularly proud of the quality of detail in the model - at Inhorgenta, he presented me with a watchmaker's magnifying glass with built-in LEDs and nodded at me. And what can I say? Even under the magnifying glass, the model is pretty impressive.

IMG 2285


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