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Watches with original time reading

In the world of watchmaking, we generally see watches with two or three central hands, or even a little more if we're talking about complications or HHs, and that's just as well, because today we're going to do just the opposite and prove to you that there are many ways of telling the time in an original way!

In fact, we've selected no fewer than several watches for you that offer an atypical and unconventional way of telling the time, watches with original designs that will take you off the beaten track.



To kick off this selection in style, here's the BA111OD brand founded in 2019 by Thomas Baillod. In 2019, the launch was with Chapter 1 and we are already on Chapter 7, which clearly demonstrates the great dynamism of the brand. In fact, while there are 7 chapters, there are 8 watches, because we also have to add the mysterious CHPTR_Δ, and that's just as well, because that's the one I wanted to talk to you about!

The watch is quite simply beautiful, and I think that those of you who are following will have understood straight away where it got its name from. Indeed, a triangle, which is also the shape of the Greek letter Delta Δ, intrigues us from the very first glance at the watch. And it's in this triangle with the numbers 4, 8 and 12 at each end that everything happens. Inside, a small ball can be seen running along the graduated edges of this triangle. And if I say graduated, it's for the reason you're thinking: this ball indicates the hours!

I find the principle very refreshing and it brings an extremely strong DNA to this watch! Reading the minutes is simpler here, via the hand that passes over the main triangle to stop at the graduation.

In fact, if you look closely, you can see that the arrow inside the triangle is the minute hand, but in order to ensure that the ball runs along the triangle, we had to make a few adaptations and make this hour wheel turn around the tip of the arrow hand, ensuring that it is at the outer end in the angles of 4, 8 and 12 o'clock, but that it comes between the tip and the centre of the arrow for 2, 6 and 10 o'clock.

The Soprod M100 movement therefore had to be complemented by the BA111OD 09310 manufacturing module with hypocycloidal time reading, which was done with the help of Olivier Mory, who needs no introduction.

We might add that this dial, openworked in the centre then encircled by these 3 concentric circles, the first for the inscription of the Swiss Made and 09310 module and the second, for the minute graduation, are rather fine. As for the 3rd circle, it's of course the satin-finish steel dial, which is grooved towards the centre of the dial and to which the words BA111OD and the screws have been added. The whole is covered by the imposing DELTA triangle in the foreground, which gives a superb sense of depth and creates a lovely play of light.


Original Article by Les Montres à lecture de l'heure originale ! (lecalibre.com)

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