CHPTR_Δ (Delta) : the new watchmaking grain of sand from BA111OD

The BA111OD brand definitely doesn't want to do anything like everyone else! Not content with having upset the codes of Swiss watchmaking, its founder Thomas Baillod has unveiled a new watch that is as surprising as it is fascinating: the CHPTR_Δ (Delta Chapter), which offers a time reading that is at least atypical!

BA111OD wants to redefine time

There is definitely something wrong with Thomas Baillod. In every sense of the word! Because the entrepreneur, who aims to rethink watch distribution with his brand BA111OD, is now aiming to redefine time!

We have to admit that the man has the gift of "shaking the tree" since the launch of his brand in 2020. A 100% phygital eco-system, the Afluendor concept, a Swiss watch made in China: no, really, the Chapter 1 initiated by BA111OD has done everything to get noticed! But as Thomas Baillod explains, "the main idea was to rethink the distribution model. The origin of the product was therefore secondary".

But in just over two years, the Swiss company has found its audience and "as an established watch brand, our goal is to make it hyper-local, here in Neuchâtel. To continue its development and strengthen its legitimacy, BA111OD will now turn to Swiss Made mechanical watches only.

Thomas Baillod has surrounded himself with a solid (mostly) female team, including Liliane Murenzi, in the role of senior designer, and watchmaker Rebecca Jossen. Together (and with all the BA111OD teams of course), in the brand's assembly facilities, they began writing a new chapter, embodied by the new CHPTR_Δ, unveiled on March 22, 2023.

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