Ba111od once again returns with another price busting new CHPTR_Δ AGIL (pronounced Chapter Delta Agil), in a limited edition of 111 numbered pieces.



The hour chapter ring is not really a ring as such, but a triangular shape with concave curved sides. The hour hand is represented by a white ball with SuperLumiNova traverses the curved sides to indicate the hour. The triangular structure is hollowed out, and the remaining surface is in a matte steel with laser engraving. The structure is of a stainless steel construction with polished steel and 5N PVD. The minute indication is rather more conventional with the center pivoted minute hand showing the minutes on a track laid below the hour triangle. The main difference, other than colourway between the new AGIL and the regular collection Kairos, MDB. And as the B-ROK has a plate over the last third of the hour, the novelty follows the Kairos and MDB and shows the entire minute chapter ring under a glass plate.




The CHPTR_Δ AGIL remains an intriguing watch as when the first CHPTR_Δ was released in 2023. Not only is the name CHPTR_Δ curious and unique (the Ba111od literature does not describe what is meant by AGIL, though we suspect it is derived from the French word “agile” of the same meaning in English), but way it shows time is also curious and unique. We saw the prototype last year, and the time indication is not only a fascinating spectacle, but a complication in its own right. See the video to appreciate the complication.


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