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BA111OD tweaks the traditional watch landscape with success

Customers as a point of sale and a web App as the gateway to affordable luxury watches: Neuchâtel based BA11OD developed a new distribution model – and it works. With over 3000 units sold, the company has reached CHF 3 million in revenues.

BA111OD has a customer-centric approach to watch distribution. Through a web app, the startup has created a community of “Afluendors” (a contraction of “ambassadors, influencers, and vendors”), with whom it communicates daily. Everyone can express themselves through the platform and add content by posting photos and opinions on the watches and network. After buying a BA111OD watch, Afluendors can also recommend the brand to others and pass on the “right” to purchase available models. This option comes with rewards in tokens, redeemable in the Community App. Occasionally, the company brings together customers at exclusive events to share their experiences

A tourbillon at a steal price
The startup stunned the watch industry after launching chapter 4; a Swiss Made Tourbillon priced under CHF 5000. Since launching the Tourbillon in October 2021, the company sold the first 50 pieces within 24 hours, and today it has sold more than 300 Tourbillons. Building on this success, the startup is planning Chapter 4.1.

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