BA111OD: Chapter Delta Agil


Hypocycloid hour
The BA111OD brand launched two years ago with a tourbillon for around 5,000 euros. Now comes a watch where it is not the price that is "crazy", but the time display



Thomas Baillod wants to show that it is possible to do things differently in the watch scene, rather than treading well-trodden paths. This begins with the unusual spelling of brand and model names, is evident in his Chapter 4 Tourbillon, which at just under 5,000 euros was by far the cheapest Swiss-made watch, and now continues with the new watch called CHPTR_Δ AGIL (pronounced: Chapter Delta Agil).



The first thing you notice is the large hour scale. Instead of a circle, it is shaped like a curved triangle, with the numbers 4, 8 and 12 in the corners and the remaining eight hour markers. A colored dot index replaces the hour hand, and this is where it gets exciting: when it reaches one of the three corners, it seems to linger there longer than when it travels along the legs of the triangle. The unusual movement of the dot results from the fact that a small satellite hour wheel rotates around the central, fixed hour wheel. At the same time, the hour dot is eccentrically connected to the satellite hour wheel and rolls along the inner edge of the triangle. At the same time, the minute hand rotates around the minute track, which is also round, in the usual way within an hour.


Original article (in German) by Rüdiger Bucher : BA111OD: Chapter Delta Agil | WatchTime

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