BA111OD is celebrating its 3rd anniversary at this very moment! Launched on October 11, 2019, the Neuchâtel-based start-up – the brainchild of Thomas Baillod’s ideas about a distribution model he considers outdated – has succeeded in spreading its wings, despite difficulties relating to the Covid crisis, which could have stopped its take-off dead in its tracks. 

Alone in the cockpit in the early days of his brand, Thomas Baillod succeeded in achieving a brilliant take-off since, for its 3rd anniversary, the brand is already unveiling the first model in its 5th chapter. After the surprise created for the brand’s 2nd anniversary with the launch of its tourbillon – entirely developed and produced in the canton of Neuchâtel at a never-before-seen price, moreover with the first connected crystal in the history of watchmaking – today the brand is proud to present its collection’ long-awaited piece, the chronograph! A must-have for most watch brands that is appreciated by all. The Chapter 5.1 Chrono Magma is no exception. And it’s got many arguments in its favor.

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