BA111OD x Label Noir: A New Take on Time

BA111OD x Label Noir: A New Take on Time

BA111OD teams up with Label Noir to unveil the CHPTR_Δ.5 Label Noir Limited Edition, a luxurious timepiece limited to 111 numbered pieces. This exclusive watch features a deep black design with alternating glossy and matte finishes, highlighted by vibrant green accents.

Unique Time Display

The CHPTR_Δ.5 showcases an innovative time display, combining circular minutes with hypocycloidal hours. This unique feature transforms time reading into a mesmerizing, choreographic experience, capturing an alternative sense of temporality.


Collaboration and Creativity

This exceptional edition is the fruit of a creative partnership between BA111OD and Label Noir, known for pushing the boundaries of traditional watchmaking. "Emmanuel Curti's innovative approach aligns with our vision of horology, resulting in a truly unique watch," says Thomas Baillod, founder of BA111OD.


Don't miss the opportunity to own this exclusive piece, it can be ordered through, on the afluendor's boutiques or at one of our official points of experience.

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