Chapter 4.3 and 4.4 Eclipse Tourbillon

Chapter 4.3 and 4.4 Eclipse Tourbillon

BA111OD is adorned with elegance and sparkle for the holidays in a double unisex reinterpretation of its tourbillon, in 40mm and 44mm, in a limited edition of 111 pieces each. A combination of a powerful deep black with the delicacy of a shimmering gold, subtly highlighted in the angle of the plates. Like the Chapter 4.1 The Veblen Dilemma Tourbillon and Chapter 4.2 Lily Tourbillon, these models are designed and produced in the canton of Neuchâtel. The movement is again developed and produced by the renowned watch designer Olivier Mory. And like their predecessors, these two timepieces are also equipped with an NFC chip, integrated into the watch glass. A technology that BA111OD unveiled in a world premiere last March. The Eclipse Tourbillon Chapters 4.3 (40mm) and 4.4 (44mm) are available for pre-order now, individually or as a duo, on the brand's website or via the afluendors' boutiques, for delivery in May 2023.

The success of the Chapter 4 Tourbillons thanks to we-commerce

The success of the Chapter 4 Tourbillon line is growing steadily, confirming BA111OD's position as both an outsider and a leading producer of Swiss tourbillon watches. "My goal is to launch spectacular watches at affordable prices. I intend to demonstrate that it is possible to democratize fine watchmaking without making concessions on quality," says Thomas Baillod, the brand's founder. A price positioning made possible thanks to the unique economic model created by the founder of the brand, we-commerce: the community evolution of e-commerce putting the consumer at the center of the brand. A revolution in the Swiss watch industry.

With their contemporary and refined aesthetics, the Chapters 4.3 and 4.4 Eclipse Tourbillon respect all the codes of fine watchmaking. The contrast between the deep black of the watch and the gold of the minute track is reminiscent of a solar eclipse, resulting from the passage of the moon between the earth and the sun. Designed and produced entirely in the canton of Neuchâtel, these two models feature top-of-the-range finishing: 40mm and 44mm-diameter cases in grade 5 titanium with black DLC coating. The openworked dial, enhanced by a golden 2N gold bevel, reveals the heart of the watch and echoes the tourbillon cage and the hour and minute hands. The 2N gold coloring of the bevelled plate is obtained by a process patented by our supplier Positive Coating called "bicolor without sparing" which is based on the respective properties of galvanic and PVD treatments (conductive and insulating). Indeed, thanks to the insulating character of the black PVD layer, the galvanic gilding of the plate, after mechanical reworking, allows the selective coloring of the beveled surfaces.

The hand-wound movement beating at 21,600 vibrations per hour was developed and produced in La Chaux-de-Fonds by the renowned watchmaker Olivier Mory. The tourbillon caliber, whose carriage rotates in 60 seconds, has an impressive power reserve of 105 hours, or more than 4 days.

Watchmaking know-how and technology

Like Chapters 4.1 and 4.2, these two new creations are equipped with an NFC (Near Field Communication) connected sapphire crystal.

The Chapter 4.1 The Veblen Dilemma Tourbillon was the first model in the history of watchmaking to be equipped with this technology, placing BA111OD in the select circle of players who bring art and technology together. The integration of NFC technology in the sapphire crystal means that it does not interfere with the mechanical movement and does not alter its aesthetics. The aim is to strengthen the relationship and the customer experience and to improve the traceability of watches. The options are endless and allow a dialogue between the brand and the purchaser of the timepiece. The only condition is that the latter wants it, as his chip only works if he asks for it. "It's a bit like the genie in the bottle," explains Thomas Baillod. "With the added bonus of the possibility, for the customer-afluendor (a contraction of "ambassador, influencer and seller"), of having his or her "own boutique" on the wrist, allowing him or her to become a prescriber and to give "rights" to acquire BA111OD watches, by scanning the watch with a smartphone. An option rewarded by the brand.


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