Time to say goodbye to Chapter 1 & Chapter 2

Time to say goodbye to Chapter 1 & Chapter 2

Just a few days away from saying goodbye to BA111OD Chapter 1 & 2. Hurry up if you wish to acquire one as these two Chapters will only be available until Sunday February 5th. It’s been 3 years when our founder, Thomas Baillod, first started this concept… time to evolve to Swiss Made mechanical timepieces only 🇨🇭👍

Those two chapters are not Swiss Made. At the beginning of this project, the main idea was to rethink the distribution model. The origin of the product was therefore secondary. We are so proud of these first two chapters that represent the genesis of BA111OD and are owned and loved by many of our afluendors!

But… now that BA111OD has become an established watch brand, we aim to make it hyper local, here in Neuchâtel and only Swiss Made. We have our in-house senior designer, Liliane Murenzi, our own watchmaker, Rebecca Jossen, as well as our assembling facilities (T2 & T3). Very few startups and even established watch brands can make that claim!



Liliane Murenzi, Senior Designer

Rebecca Jossen, Watchmaker

So it’s time to phase out these first two chapters, with a high respect for the success story they ignite. A big thank you to Diego Böttger-Zevallos for this amazing design and for helping us with the production!

Gets yours before we phase them out at BA111OD.com. It won’t be reproduced anymore 🔥





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