Unveiling Chapter 7

Unveiling Chapter 7

Celebrating Four Years of BA111OD

Marking its 4th anniversary in the historical watchmaking town of Neuchâtel, BA111OD introduces its latest collection, Chapter 7. On 11.10.2023, precisely at 11:10, the brand, renowned for blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, re-embraces its foundational simplicity, launching an elegant and affordable timepiece that fuses style, quality, and accessibility.

A Nod to Roots and Originality

Founder Thomas Baillod emphasizes BA111OD’s journey from a concept, intended primarily to demonstrate a business model, to a thriving brand that far exceeded initial expectations. The essence of BA111OD, he reflects, lies in democratizing watchmaking through innovative, customer-centric approaches. Today, commemorating its 4th anniversary, BA111OD rediscovers its entry-level origins, presenting an exquisite watch intended to be accessible to a broad audience, achieved by redefining the distribution model to unite traditional commerce and e-commerce through a unique 'we-commerce' approach.

Chapter 7: An Emblem of Urban Elegance

Designed by Senior Designer Liliane Murenzi, Chapter 7 encapsulates modern aesthetics with balanced lines and nuanced details, resonating with urban vibrancy. This collection introduces three distinct 42mm steel variants that merge the brand’s iconic color schemes with delicate details and are available in versatile textile or metal straps. The models, including hues of playful blue, classic silver-white, and bold anthracite pvd with a streak of garnet, reflect the brand’s dedication to inclusivity and individuality, embodying not just a watch, but a statement of style, ethos, and BA111OD’s characteristic pioneering spirit.



Now available, the first 100 pieces invite you to own a piece of timeless allure and innovation.

Embark on a journey of discovery now!

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