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Buying through our community App is only possible through members of the BA111OD community who have a store and sales rights (they are called Afluendors: Ambassador - Influencer - Seller).
When you buy a product, you in turn become an Afluendor. You automatically have your own online store and sales rights, and you can sell to your friends and family. Of course, you are free to exercise this right or not.
By selling products and other actions on the platform, you earn "tokens" that allow you to choose rewards.

Your store is a space that is automatically created for you, in which you will find :
- your BA111OD products on sale,
- your publications that you create, intended for the community and/or your friends.

These publications are important for promoting and publicizing your store, and for generating sales both among your friends and among visitors to the BA111OD platform, as long as you still have valid sales rights.

If you wish, you can also deactivate your store in your profile settings.

Yes, you can buy directly on the website or through our Community App. If you create a profile in the App, by default a shop is created in your name. But you can choose to deactivate it by going to your profile settings. You will then never be solicited by visitors to the platform.

Click this link to access the community.

You can also download the App via the App Store (iOS devices). Click here.

When you buy a watch, you get the right to sell a certain number of products. For example, buying a Chapter 1 watch gives you the right to sell 4 products. This number of sales rights granted is indicated on each product page on the App.

To allow a friend or a visitor to buy a product from you, you will have to share with him :
- either a link to your store,
- or one of your publications.

You can share these links on all social networks, by email, by SMS. The people who click on the link or on the publication are then authorized to buy products on your store.

1. Thanks to your sales:
When a product is purchased on your store, you earn tokens.

2. Through various challenges:

Challenges are available and also allow you to earn tokens, for example when you create and share publications.

You can find all the ways to earn tokens by visiting the "My challenges" page on the App.

Our advice:
The more you talk about BA111OD around you, the more you share publications on social networks, the more chances you have to win tokens. It's your turn to play!

You will find the list of rewards in the Community App, in the "My activity" tab. There, you will be able to see the token equivalent of the rewards you can win.

All registered users, following the link you will have given them, will be allowed to buy on your shop, for the time you will have defined in your settings when sharing.
Visitors of the BA111OD website can also find you on the members list and contact you. It is up to you to send them a link to your shop to allow them to buy!

Visitors can find you:
- Either by a geographical search on the map,
- or because you are on the list of the most active members.

If you wish, you can also go into your settings to make yourself invisible from the community. Only your friends to whom you have sent a link will be able to buy a product from you.

Yes, and this offers you two advantages:
- You get new sales rights linked to the product you have purchased,
- You earn tokens on your account, as a reward for the sale you have just made!

Talk about BA111OD to people around you!

  • Showing your wrist is the best way to promote BA111OD!
  • Talk about the technical advantages of these watches
  • Talk about this new disruptive concept: watches that are not sold by the brand, but only by members of the community!
  • Talk about the rewards!

Create publications and share them on your social networks: : in addition to making your contacts aware of BA111OD, this is also the way to put yourself forward within this platform. Indeed, the most active members in the last few days are those who are put forward in priority to the site's visitors:

  • Each time you win tokens on challenges, you go up in the list of recommended Afluendors,
  • When your publications and photos are attractive, they are highlighted on the homepage.

There are two solutions:

  • Buy a product from another Afluendor.
  • From time to time, challenges will be launched that will allow you to gain new sales rights.


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