Your Chance to win an Exclusive watch awaits!

At the heart of the watch valley, surrounded by the serene beauty of pine trees (sapins), we believe in shaking things up in the watch industry. This contest embodies our spirit of innovation and uniqueness. Show us how you shake things up!

Share your unique #ShakeTheSapin moment in a video on Instagram. Make sure to tag our official account @ba111od.official and use the hashtag #ShakeTheSapin.

How to Participate:

Step One - Capture Your Moment: Record a video that captures your spirit of #ShaketheSapin!

Step Two - Post & Tag: Post your video on Instagram, tag @ba111od.official, and use the hashtag #ShakeTheSapin.

Step Three - Spread the Word: Share your post and encourage your friends to join in!

#shakethesapin limited edition watch



The lucky winner will receive an extraordinary Chapter 7 #ShaketheSapin 2023 Unique Edition Watch! A true masterpiece of craftsmanship and style.

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Winners will be selected through a lucky draw, making every entry count!

Additional Entries:

Tag Friends: Gain an additional entry for each friend you tag in your post. More tags, more chances to win!

Follow Our Page: Follow us at @ba111od.official and get an extra entry into the contest.

Terms & Conditions

Please read the full terms and conditions of the contest Terms and Conditions. By participating, you agree to these rules."

Contest runs from Monday December 4th to Monday December 18th. Don't miss out!

Follow us on Instagram @ba111od.official for updates and share this contest with your friends!

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