Over 60 years of cumulated experience in the Swiss watch industry at your service!


Founder & CEO

Born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, he is an expert and a veteran of the watch industry. After taking on responsibilities within a major independent watchmaking brand, he faced the global economic crisis in 2008, followed by the boom in e-commerce, which has lastingly destabilised the entire sector. From these rich and numerous experiences, he acquired the certainty that the major challenge for a company is to anticipate and accompany technological breakthroughs.

Christelle Morand - executive office manager


Executive Office Manager

Christelle was born and raised in Neuchâtel. Her professional career began in the machine industry at the age of 15, and then at 19, she shifted her focus to the watchmaking industry, where she gained nearly 8 years of experience. Always eager to push her limits, Christelle pursued a degree in business economics through evening classes while working full-time for 4 years. With over 5 years of experience as an Office Manager in the finance and production sectors, she recently joined the company BA111OD to take on new challenges and leverage the skills acquired during her studies.

Liliane MURENZI 

Senior Designer in Watchmaking-Jewellery

Passionate about watch design for more than 15 years, she began her career by training as a jeweler at the Ecole d'Art de la Chaux-de-Fonds. She then signed several models for big names in watchmaking through different Swiss watch design offices. These years of experience have allowed her to perfect her love of detail. When Thomas asked her to create a tourbillon for Chapter 4 in only 2 weeks, she accepted with great enthusiasm because she loves challenges.



Having grown up in a small village and having a father who was a watchmaker, Rebecca has always been passionate about this profession. After having done a CFC at the technical school of Le Locle, she continued her studies in the construction of movements. She worked in a technical office but she came back to the roots of what she really liked, which is the watchmaker's bench.


Supply Chain Manager

Growing up in La Chaux-de-Fonds, with a family intimately connected to the watch industry and travel, Valentin has always been passionate about watchmaking. After 5 years as a business travel consultant, he then studied at the HEG of Neuchâtel specializing in Supply Chain Management while working in the watch industry in logistics and export for 4 years.


Marketing & Communication Manager

Meet Laura: our marketing maven with a flair for the fabulous in watches, fashion, and luxury. With 12 years in the game, she's a Scottish-born, Swiss-raised powerhouse, meshing an entrepreneurial spirit with a geeky soul. When she's not working on communication strategies, she's leveling up in the gaming world or chilling with her beloved dogs.