We are very grateful, thank you very much for purchasing our 100% Swiss Made GMT TOURBILLON 

Let us give you some tips and explain how to adjust your timepiece to your wrist...


Mechanical hand-wound tourbillon caliber BA.01, variable inertia balance with GMT 



105 hours


3hz (21'600 Alt/H)


2000 Gauss


50 meters



How to handle your tourbillon :

Step 1: Winding the movement

To wind the watch, turn the crown without pulling it. Approximately 40 turns to reach the full charge.

Caution: When you feel a small resistance, do not force it at the risk of damaging the movement.

Step 2: Setting the GMT

To set the GMT time, turn the crown anti-clockwise to move the GMT hand. (Please note that all the hands will move. Purely focus on the GMT hand as you will then be able to set the time in step 3.)

Step 3: Setting the time

Once the GMT time has been set, turn the crown back clockwise to set the desired time on the hour and minute hands without changing the GMT time setting. 

. Caution: do not forget to push the crown back in when the operation is finished.

Step 4: Adjusting the strap

To fix the strap, put the 6 hour strap through the open space on the 12 hour strap, at the entrance there are two small pins that come out. Adjust the bracelet to your size. Once you are comfortable with the size. Press hard enough to get the two pins into the holes of the lower bracelet. Be careful, the holes are small, tightened in a voluntary way. You can use a flat tool to help you push the bracelet into the holes. Press a little on the bracelet around the two pins, which will allow you to finalize the fixing.