We are very grateful, thank you very much for purchasing our CHPTR_Δ!

Let us give you some tips and explain how to adjust your timepiece.


Automatic Swiss Made movement enhanced with BA111OD manufacture module 09310 with hypocycloidal time reading (base: Soprod M100) 



ø44.0 mm, stainless steel 316L, 11.04 thickness (excl. glass)

Transparent caseback


Hand and hour indication with SuperLuminova®


42 hours


Satin matte steel with multiple levels and laser engraving




At 4 o'clock engraved with the BA111OD logo


Hour, minute, date

d with the BA111OD logo

How to handle your CHPTR_Δ  :

Step 1: Winding the automatic mechanical movement 

An automatic mechanical watch recharges itself through the movement of its oscillating rotor located at the back of the watch (kinetic energy). However, when your watch is completely stopped, it is recommended to manually wind it around 40 times. Keep the crown in position 0 and turn it clockwise 40 times. Then the watch will recharge itself with the kinetic energy.

Step 2: Setting the date

Pull the crown out to position 1. Turn it clockwise until you reach the date of the day before the desired date. You will then reach the correct date by setting the time as explained in step 3.

WARNING: The date should not be changed between 09:00pm and 03:00am.

Step 3: Setting the time 

Pull the crown out to position 2. Turn it clockwise until you reach the correct date and time paying attention to the am and pm settings.

Caution: do not turn the hands in the opposite direction and do not forget to push the crown back in when the operation is finished to maintain the watch's water resistance.