Episode 4 - Estelle Lagarde collaboration

Episode 4 - Estelle Lagarde collaboration

BA111OD x Estelle Lagarde: A Dynamic Duo Supporting the Lire et Écrire Association at the Time to Watches Show! 🎨 April 1st, 2023


Get ready, art and watch enthusiasts! French artist Estelle Lagarde, famed for her captivating gouache paintings and designs, is teaming up with BA111OD at the Time to Watches show on Saturday, April 1st. Witness a live artistic collaboration between 1pm and 3pm as Lagarde creates a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! 

The event will feature an online auction of the exclusive gouache painting and the launch of a specially crafted complication, CHPTR_Δ. Best of all? Proceeds from the auction of the artpiece and watch go to the Lire et Ecrire Association! THE auction will start on Saturday April 1st at 12pm and end on Thursday April 6 at 4pm.

Estelle Lagarde & Thomas Baillod: A Friendship That Inspires Lagarde recalls her first encounter with Thomas Baillod in 2019 as a gift on her journey. He inspired her, reassured her, and fueled her belief in the possible. This strong bond led to a successful collaboration, with Estelle creating visuals for Chapter 4.1 The Veblen Dilemma Tourbillon and the brand's first women's complicated watch, Chapter 4.2 Lily Tourbillon. Now, she's thrilled to join forces once more for the CHPTR_Δ launch!


Lire et Écrire Association: Empowering Adults Through Literacy In Switzerland, 1 in 6 people struggle with basic skills. Founded in 1988, the Lire et Écrire Association offers crucial reading and writing courses for adults, promoting self-sufficiency and freedom.

Initially, Thomas Baillod's business model wasn't meant to become a brand. But now, BA111OD is making its mark in horology, redefining time with its first manufactured complication. This innovative approach to timekeeping echoes the Lire et Écrire Association's mission to empower individuals by helping them gain autonomy—because knowing how to read and write truly is freedom! ✍️🕊️


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