The independent, community-based brand introduces a new duo of 40mm and 44mm tourbillons offering a combination of deep black and shimmering gold - at an unprecedented price point. The 2N gold coloring of the platinum bevel is achieved through a patented process by Positive Coating.

BA111OD offers a double unisex reinterpretation of its tourbillon, in 40mm and 44mm, in a limited edition of 111 pieces each. A combination of a powerful deep black with the delicacy of a shimmering gold, subtly highlighted in the angle of the plates. Like the Chapter 4.1 The Veblen Dilemma Tourbillon and Chapter 4.2 Lily Tourbillon, these models are designed and produced in the canton of Neuchâtel. The movement is again developed and produced by the watch designer Olivier Mory.

And like their predecessors, these two timepieces are also equipped with an NFC chip, integrated into the watch glass. A technology that BA111OD unveiled in a world premiere last March. The Eclipse Tourbillon Chapters 4.3 (40mm) and 4.4 (44mm) are available for pre-order now, individually or as a duo, on the brand's website or via the afluendors' boutiques, for delivery in May 2023.

The success met with the launch of the Chapitres 4 Tourbillons line has continued to grow, confirming BA111OD's position as both an outsider and one of the leading producers of Swiss tourbillon watches. A price positioning made possible thanks to the unique economic model created by the brand's founder, we-commerce: the community evolution of e-commerce putting the consumer at the center of the brand. A revolution in the Swiss watch industry.


Original language: French

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