How do you create a watch brand without meaning to? That's what happened to Thomas Baillod. And even if he didn't want to in the first place, BA111OD has now been in existence for almost four years, and the founder has surrounded himself with a team of ten people. 3 million by 2022. But before he got there, he had his ups and downs.

The professional career of Thomas Baillod is exemplary in the sense that it is not linear: it is studded with ruptures that have which led him to create, by chance, the BA111OD brand in October 2019.This professional adventure strongly echoes his personal story. We don't succeed by chance... The origins of the Baillod family in the canton of Neuchâtel date back to the the 14th century. This shows Thomas Baillod's attachment to the land where he was born, and that explains why it is here that he wants to have his timepieces made and assembled. A little research discovered that he had an ancestor who was a watchmaker in Le Locle: Ulysse Baillod. "I never mentioned him.In his honour, I wanted to call my brand Ulysse & Son, but because it was it was too close to the names of two other watch brands, I used my family name.

Original version in French by Isabelle Cerboneschi

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