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Is BA111OD Chapter 7 really worth it?


BA111OD Chapitre 7


For some time, I'd been obsessed with testing a BA111OD model, fueled by their reputation for offering Swiss Made watches at unbeatable prices. Their innovative and accessible approach to watchmaking promised a unique experience, which I wanted to try out in order to form an objective opinion, away from the hustle and bustle of social networks. The opportunity finally presented itself, and today I offer you a complete exploration of BA111OD Chapter 7, in its DEEP BLUE dial version.


A Brief History

On October 11, 2023, in Neuchâtel, the Swiss watch brand BA111OD celebrates its fourth anniversary. Pour marquer cette occasion, elle revient aux origines de son premier succès avec une collection inédite proposée à un prix très accessible, inaugurant ainsi le septième chapitre de son histoire. Connu pour démocratiser l’horlogerie suisse de qualité, BA111OD lance sa collection Chapitre 7. Following on from the remarkable Chapitre 4 Tourbillon and CHPTR_Δ, BA111OD returns to the fundamentals that have forged its success: by offering a watch that is both simple and refined, it perfectly embodies the harmony between aesthetics, exceptional quality and affordability. This return to its roots marks a reaffirmation of its original vision, blending timeless elegance with innovation accessible to all.



Chapter 7: Three Variants, Two Declinations

The Chapter 7, imagined by Liliane Murenzi, are a return to a refined yet richly detailed style, perfect for everyday life in the city. Their watches are easy-going and affordable, but still have that little something extra: signature colors, a cool crown at 4 o'clock, and clever strap options between smart textile and integrated steel. Available in blue, white or anthracite guilloché dials, this collection offers a palette to suit different tastes


The User Experience

The watch is full of fascinating details, from the case with its different textures and finishes, to the guilloché dial. Although 42 mm in diameter, it appears larger on the wrist, which may not suit the thinnest of wrists. However, this size contributes to excellent legibility, turning a weak point into an asset.

In addition to the guilloché and its reflections, there are three types of index: the first is printed around the perimeter, then come the faceted indexes, and finally the reminder with the minute indication more in the center of the dial. This gives balance and density to the dial. The date aperture, though discreet, is perfectly integrated.

On the caseback side, the Soprod caliber is admired through a sapphire crystal. Many watchmakers use this option to "reassure" customers by playing the mechanical legitimacy card. In my opinion, it's a mistake, as it's too present on the market for watches in this range, and we're falling into clichés... I'd have preferred to see a solid engraved case-back and, in passing, an improvement in water-resistance (50m for this model, as a reminder) to make it a truly everyday watch.


Full article (in French): La Chapitre 7 de BA111OD vaut-elle vraiment le coup? - Tendance Horlogerie

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