Even though Geneva will be the showcase for major watch innovations worldwide, the trade fair and the Inhorgenta 2024 innovations certainly don't have to hide. The Inhorgenta trade fair is a leading trade fair for many German brands and Eastern European markets. We spent 3 days there and would like to give you a first quick overview of important new products and models.


Baillod Delta Chapter Model 

The Baillot brand takes a creative but high-quality approach to the construction of new watches, including the two new Baillod Chapter CHPTR-Δ.3 and limited-edition CHPTR_Δ.4 models, in which the hour is displayed triangularly by the colored dot. The Chapter 4 is limited to 111 pieces and costs 3,450 euros; in blue, the watches are already available for 3,250 euros. Where else, because this brand will grow in Germany - after all, "punctuality" is an ornament in this country.



Original article (in German) by  : Inhorgenta 2024 Neuheiten: Diese Uhren sind uns aufgefallen  (uhrenkosmos.com)




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