BA111OD opens a fresh chapter with 36mm watches for ladies

Breakout Swiss watchmaker BA111OD has devoted the latest chapter of its fast-moving story especially to women.

The business, launched by Thomas Baillod in 2019, has already set a new affordability standard for high end and often highly complicated watches that can be worn by men or women.

Its Chapter 6 collection continues the narrative with five 36mm steel watches, some with a yellow gold PVD finish, that are lit up with sunray dials in soft pastels, slate or cream.

They are worn on soft leather straps containing two NFC-connected chips, one of which can be used to store personal information while the other links directly to the BA111OD boutique.

Chapter 6 watches are on sale from today for CHF 625 in steel or CHF 650 with the gold treatment from the BA111OD showroom at the Villa Castellane in Neuchâtel or online at

Original article in English by Rob Corder:


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