New Release - Chapter 4.7 Onyx Tourbillon C. Lémanic

New Release - Chapter 4.7 Onyx Tourbillon C. Lémanic

As the festive season's shimmer looms on the horizon, BA111OD reveals a timepiece that captures the essence of timeless elegance – the Chapter 4.7 Onyx Tourbillon C. Lémanic. In an era when vintage charm marries modern flair, this timepiece stands as an emblem of that union.

Special Launch Offer

To celebrate this new addition, BA111OD is offering an exclusive launch price for the initial ten pieces. Collectors and aficionados are encouraged to act swiftly, as this special offer promises not only unmatched value but also a chance to own a piece of horological history.

Black is the New Elegant

Adorning itself in an enigmatic shade of the night, this new entrant in BA111OD’s iconic collection embodies sophistication. The mesmerizing black onyx stone dial is a centerpiece, punctuated beautifully by a revealing cut-out of the tourbillon at 7 o’clock. Paired with its mirror-film back and the clear caseback, the skeletonized hand-wound mechanical movement becomes an exquisite showpiece, nestled in a robust 40mm steel case. The familiar crown at 4 o'clock, in tune with the brand's signature style, seals the look.

For those poised to acquire this beauty, pre-orders are now open on BA111OD's website and at select afluendors boutiques. Delivery is slated for January 2024, making it a timeless gift to kickstart the new year.

Evolution of Elegance

This captivating model distinguishes itself with a refined silhouette, carving its own niche in the shadow of its predecessor, the Chapter 4.6 GMT Tourbillon 1920 Limited Edition. That previous model witnessed a demand surge, almost selling out shortly after its summer launch. The Chapter 4.7 Onyx Tourbillon C. Lémanic not only answers that call but also resonates with the renaissance of classical aesthetics in watchmaking.

"The repercussions of the pandemic inadvertently pushed us away from the path of elegance," muses Thomas Baillod, the visionary founder of BA111OD. "Yet, it's heartwarming to witness many designers, including us, steering back towards classics, rejuvenating and complementing existing lines."

Liliane Murenzi, the senior designer behind this masterpiece, ensures that while it tips its hat to tradition, it never compromises on innovation. The outcome? A piece that exudes simple elegance while being a marvel of design and engineering.

Marrying Classic and Contemporary

While its design might be rooted in tradition, its spirit is decidedly modern. The 105-hour power reserve, an engineering marvel crafted by the adept watch designer, Olivier Mory, ensures that the watch is as functional as it is beautiful. A peek through its caseback gives enthusiasts a glimpse into its intricate details. Ensuring that the timepiece is both stylish and ethical, a crocodile-style leather strap, for ethical reasons, graces it, with a folding clasp and dual NFC chips encapsulating the essence of modernity.

C. Lémanic: A Chapter with a Vision

Named in homage to the Clinic Lémanic, the patrons behind this exquisite piece, "C. Lémanic" marks a significant chapter in BA111OD’s journey. Thomas Baillod's innovative approach to finance BA111OD's expansion is worth noting. Eschewing the conventional avenues of banks or standard investors, Baillod took to LinkedIn, seeking private investors.

"In our quest for growth, we wanted our consumers to be a part of our journey, not just as passive spectators but as active contributors," Baillod explains. In return, these investors won't just reap financial rewards; they'll experience the brand up close, from design inception with the senior designer to the exhilarating launch.

In essence, the Chapter 4.7 Onyx Tourbillon C. Lémanic isn't just a watch. It's a testament to BA111OD's commitment to blending the old with the new, the classic with the contemporary. In a world constantly in flux, this timepiece promises to remain eternally relevant.

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