Chapter 6: A Celebration of Feminine Elegance

Chapter 6: A Celebration of Feminine Elegance

We're thrilled to unveil our newest creation: Chapter 6 by BA111OD, a watch collection meticulously crafted in Switzerland and designed specifically with women in mind.
Diverse and Delightful Designs Stepping into the spotlight with 36mm steel casings, these timepieces are offered with a pristine stainless steel finish or a luxurious touch of yellow gold PVD. Complementing the casing is a sunray dial, available in soft pastels or bolder shades, each capturing the essence of modern elegance and the beauty of the self-winding skeleton mechanism (Soprod P024). To amplify the sophistication, each watch, assembled in our workshop in the heart of Neuchâtel by our watchmaker Rebecca Jossen, is adorned with leather bands equipped with 2 NFC chips, adding both function and flair.
Rebecca Chapter 6
Inspiration Behind Chapter 6 Breaking from our tradition of unisex designs, Chapter 6 stands out as a tribute to women. This special range was passionately curated by our mostly female BA111OD team, alongside our brilliant Senior Designer, Liliane Murenzi. It serves as a testament to our commitment to honor the diverse women in our lives, from the shades of the dials echoing the vibrancy of nature to the geometric motifs that Liliane so adores.
Liliane Chapter 6
The sunray dials come in five mesmerizing shades: champagne, ash grey, mint, sky blue, and ice white. These, combined with the brand's signature crown at 4 o'clock and the tantalizing play between skeletonisation and transparency, make Chapter 6 a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design.
Moreover, our leather straps in this collection are embedded with technology. One NFC chip can store a digital business card or any other file, while the other connects you directly to the BA111OD boutique, revolutionizing the shopping experience.
Special Appearance by Melinda Stämplfi We had the privilege of having the enchanting Melinda Stämplfi, our respected neighbor at Villa Castellane and the founder of Academie MDC dance school, grace our launch. Her entrancing dance not only elevated our event but also symbolized the rhythm that consistently inspires our team at BA111OD.
Melinda Chapter 6
Exclusive 1st Week Launch Offer For the inaugural week, we're offering something extra special. Purchase your Chapter 6 timepiece and receive an additional strap – absolutely free. This limited-time opportunity allows you to add a personalized touch to your watch. When placing your order, simply indicate your preferred strap color in the comment section.
alternative straps
Where to Acquire? Our breathtaking Chapter 6 collection is now available for purchase. Visit our flagship showroom at the Villa Castellane in Neuchâtel, explore our online store at, or delve into the Afluendors stores on our Community App.
In the rapidly evolving world of fashion and technology, BA111OD continues to lead, creating timepieces that resonate with style, function, and history. Our Chapter 6 collection is a testament to this commitment. Don't miss out on this exclusive offer and become a part of the BA111OD legacy.

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