NFC Advent Calendar

NFC Advent Calendar

Season’s Greetings from BA111OD! This December, we're bringing an exclusive twist to the festive season with our unique NFC Advent Calendar. Ready to experience the holiday magic with your BA111OD watch?
Each day from December 1st to December 24th, one lucky BA111OD customer will uncover a specia gift. At 11:10 AM CET daily, we will activate a unique link through the integrated NFC technology in a selected watch. If it's your watch, you'll be sent your gift!
Imagine tapping your BA111OD watch and discovering that today, you're the chosen one! Our daily prizes range from watch winders to vouchers for additional straps to exclusive BA111OD leather goods and more!
  1. Register for the NFC Advent Calendar: Ensure your BA111OD watch with NFC technology* is registered. Register here!
  2. Daily Anticipation: Each day, from precisely 11:10 AM CET, tap your watch against an NFC-enabled device to see if you're the lucky winner. The link will be active until the prize is claimed.
  3. Enjoy Your Reward: If your watch reveals the gift, congratulations! You're the day's special recipient.


*It is necessary to have a BA111OD watch with NFC technology to be able to participate.

This holiday season, let your BA111OD watch bring you more than just time – let it bring you joy and surprises. Get ready to tap into the festive spirit with BA111OD’s NFC Advent Calendar!

Warm festive regards,

The BA111OD Team


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