The Veblen Dilemma

The Veblen Dilemma

Do you know the name of our Tourbillon?

It is engraved on one of the bridges, almost invisible to the naked eye. It refers to the famous Veblen effect, more commonly known as "the snob effect."

Named after the economist and sociologist Thorstein Veblen (1857–1929), it refers to the snobbery that considers that the high price of a luxury product makes it more desirable. And conversely, that an accessible price necessarily corresponds to a lower intrinsic value. With our tourbillon, BA111OD presents a real dilemma.

The higher the price of a luxury item, the more people will buy it, convinced of its superior quality. On the other hand, if the same product is cheap... it's obviously of lower quality and people will turn away from it.

And what if our Chapter 4.1 Tourbillon BA111OD was of equal or superior quality compared to tourbillons sold 10x the price by our competitors? Hence the dilemma... our tourbillon costs less than CHF 5,000 (excl. VAT) and is entirely produced and assembled in the canton of Neuchâtel (Switzerland). Its components come from the same contractors as the biggest brands.

We will let you draw your own conclusions... 😉 #ShaketheSapin


  • Hugues Donati

    J’attends La tourbillon en 40mm…

  • Huber

    Belle philosophie de vie surtout qu un tourbillon est comme un coeur qui bat!

  • Huber

    Hello! topissime concept stratégie et quel dilemne en effet! Je ne porte que rarement une montre … mais travaillant au Fbg de l Hopital, proche de chez vous, j au pu découvrir une deux de vos « oeuvres sur poignet » … Cela m intrigue ! Comment venir vous voir ? Merci 🙏 m.h

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