A Journey of Timeless Beauty, Technology and Precision Engineering

It was a proud moment for Thomas Baillod and the BA111OD team when they announced the creation of the Chapitre 4.1 T.V.D. Tourbillon on the brand's second anniversary. The limited edition timepiece was initially offered through a subscription-based model and the response was overwhelming - all 220 units of the first series were sold out within four months!

We are honored to have such passionate and discerning customers who have placed their trust in BA111OD. As we look back at the successful launch of Chapitre 4.1, we would like to take a moment to thank our valued customers and share some of their stories.

From the intricate mechanics of the tourbillon to the simple yet elegant design, we are thrilled that our Chapitre 4.1 owners are now enjoying their timepieces and experiencing the essence of BA111OD's commitment to precision engineering and timeless beauty.

Charles-Henri Solioz

What made you decide to buy the Chapter 4.1 T.V.D. Tourbillon?

I have always been fascinated by the Tourbillon mechanism, by its ingenuity, its engineering and I live, "by chance", on the street... Abram-Louis Breguet, the genius inventor of the said mechanism.

How did you hear about the BA111OD brand?

Thanks to a fellow artist who is passionate about watches, thank you Roland F 😃

What does "For the one who loves time, the one who doesn't count." represent for you? 

Time is not counted, not lost, not gained... it is taken and is a source of enjoyment....

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