A look back at our recent event: The BA111OD and MLB Synergy in Neuchâtel

We are pleased to share the results of our recent collaboration with the MLB boutique in Neuchâtel, a day that underlined our shared dedication to innovation in the world of watchmaking.



An Introduction to Our Values :

The event allowed our guests to discover our creations up close, offering a tangible experience of what makes BA111OD so unique. The opportunity to see, touch and discuss our watches was an experience that was much appreciated, fostering a genuine exchange around our passion.




Enriching exchanges:

One of the highlights of the day was when Thomas Baillod and Gianni Melis talked about the partnership between BA111OD and the MLB boutique. They shared their vision of this collaboration aimed at offering a product that meets the expectations of lovers of fine watchmaking. Their commitment to combining quality, design and innovation was at the heart of their message, illustrating the spirit of this union.


Community Involvement:

We also gave our guests the opportunity to participate in the selection of a new colour for a watch, which was introduced at the same time to the attending guests, underlining our desire to actively involve our community in our creative process. This approach, in advance of the watch's official release, highlighted the participative nature of our approach. 

Looking to the future :

This event reflects our ambition to keep sharing, exploring and innovating with you. The conversations with Thomas Baillod and Gianni Melis, and your commitment, encourage us to continue along this path of excellence and sharing.

Our sincere thanks go to everyone who helped to make this event a success, especially the participants and the MLB Boutique team. Your enthusiasm for our brand is essential. Stay tuned for the next stages of this adventure and the revelation of the new colour, chosen by our community.






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