Singapore Watch Fair 2023

Singapore Watch Fair 2023

In an era where borders are disappearing and cultures are meeting, BA111OD has embarked on an exciting adventure, marking a major turning point in our history.

Participating in the Singapore Watch Fair 2023 was an important milestone in our international journey, symbolising our desire to expand our presence and forge stronger links with the Asian public, Singaporeans in particular. Here is the story of this audacious journey into the heart of Asia.

BA111OD at Singapore Watch Fair 2023: Reaching Out to a Whole New Audience

This year, BA111OD took the next step in its international journey by participating in the Singapore Watch Fair 2023. A key moment in our calendar, marked by the presence of Thomas Baillod, our founder, who personally took part in this major event to represent our brand and share our passion for innovative, quality watchmaking.

Meet a new public:

The Singapore Watch Fair, renowned for its influence in the world of watchmaking, offered BA111OD an ideal platform to meet an Asian audience and Singaporeans in particular. The aim of our participation was twofold: to introduce the brand to those who had already heard of it but had never seen it up close, and to make it visible to a new audience that was curious and eager to discover new watchmaking products.

Sharing and discovering:

Thomas Baillod had the opportunity to interact directly with visitors, sharing with them the values that drive BA111OD, our quest for innovation and our commitment to quality and design. It was an opportunity to showcase our collections, highlight our latest creations and discuss the future of watchmaking with enthusiasts, collectors and professionals from all over Asia.


Broadening our Horizon:

The interest shown by visitors to the fair confirms our belief that the Asian market, with its rich culture and appetite for high-quality watchmaking, represents fertile ground for BA111OD. This experience in Singapore has not only increased the visibility of our brand in the region but has also opened doors to new collaborations and opportunities.

Our Future Trajectory:

Building on this rewarding experience, we are more determined than ever to continue exploring new markets, innovating and creating watches that inspire and excite. The Singapore Watch Fair 2023 is just the beginning of a series of initiatives to bring BA111OD to an even wider audience in Asia and beyond.

We would like to thank all those who have made this participation possible and especially you, our community, for your continued support. Stay tuned for the next stages of our international journey.

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