NFC technology: Tech-savvy straps

NFC technology: Tech-savvy straps

The Ultimate Upgrade

The world of luxury watches is evolving, and BA111OD is at the forefront of this change. Our Chapter 3 leather straps are not just a fashion accessory - they come with a technological twist that takes your timepiece to the next level. With two NFC chips, these straps offer a range of practical applications that make it easier for you to connect with our brand and share your experiences with others.

Elevate Your Experience with NFC Technology The integration of NFC technology into our straps offers a unique touch to traditional Swiss-made mechanical watches. The NFC chips in the straps are non-invasive, only activated by occasional readings on a low frequency of 13.56 MHz. This means you can trust that your information is secure and that the technology will not disrupt the aesthetic of your timepiece.

You can program the links on the straps to suit your needs by filling in the NFC form. Options include a personal Afluendor shop/community app, the BA111OD website, a virtual business card provided by BA111OD, or another link of your choosing. This allows you to share your experiences and connect with our brand in a way that's convenient and seamless.


We-Commerce: Wrist of Sale

At BA111OD, we believe in putting the power in our customers' hands. With our interactive app, Afluendors can connect with us, share their experiences, and recommend our products to their network. For every recommendation, Afluendors earn tokens that can be redeemed for exclusive rewards. Our real customers are the ultimate proof of our watches' quality, and we want to make the recommendation process as smooth as possible. With the ability to transfer sales rights with a simple scan of your strap, it's never been easier to share your love for BA111OD with others.

NFC Technology

The Power of NFC Technology NFC, or Near Field Communication, technology allows for the exchange of information between equipped devices. It's a popular choice for contactless payments and transportation cards and is used by many Android and iOS smartphones. The technology operates over very small distances (less than 1cm), greatly reducing the risks. When used in passive mode, like in our NFC-enabled straps, the technology does not have access to the data stored on your phone and operates only over short distances, making it a secure choice.

In conclusion, BA111OD's Chapter 3 leather straps offer a unique and practical experience for luxury watch enthusiasts. With the integration of NFC technology, we're making it easier for you to connect with our brand and share your experiences with others. Whether you're using your strap to store your business card or to access your Afluendor boutique, these straps are the ultimate upgrade for your timepiece. Get ready to take your wristwear to the next level with BA111OD.

Have questions about this revolutionary technology? Check out our FAQ page for more information.


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