After its launch in 2019, the Neuchâtel watch brand Ba111od quickly made a name for itself in its field. Its tourbillon model "The Veblen Dilemma", priced at less than 5,000 francs, caused a stir and its sales were a real success. With his innovative "phygital" distribution concept, the brand's founder, Thomas Baillod, has succeeded in getting closer to the end customers and in radically reforming his pricing system.

The Neuchâtel-based brand Ba111od stands out from other brands on many levels, starting with its name. Difficult to pronounce, to say the least, it was consciously chosen by its founder, Thomas Baillod, whose family name is clearly visible in this brand name. "A name that no one can really pronounce has a little 'guessing' quality that gets people talking," explains Mr. Baillod.


Ba111od's concept is based on an approach that puts itself in the shoes of the end customer in order to offer watches of the best possible quality at the best possible price. Ba111od therefore renounces the classical structures with traders, agents and distributors. To get as close as possible to the end customers with its watches, without opting for a classic presence in boutiques: the BAC system was born. B for business (the brand), C for consumer (the potential end customer) and A for the dynamic link "Afluendor", i.e. the existing end customer who is at the same time an ambassador, an influencer and a vendor of these watches.

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Original text - Marcel Weder - german / french - Gold'Or

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