In the run-up to the Geneva watch fairs, the young BA111OD brand presents not only its first manufacture movement, but also a new way of displaying time with its new CHPTR_Δ model.

Developed and manufactured with the collaboration of renowned watchmaker Olivier Mory from La Chaux-de-Fonds, the CHPTR_Δ (reads Chapitre Delta) captivates with the duality between the circular minute display and the hypocycloidal movements of the hours enclosed in a triangle in the foreground.

A new way of reading time is dawning: the BAIIIOD CHPTR_Δ.
Developed as a world first, this asymmetrical time display that moves slower and then faster belongs to a completely "different temporality" and symbolizes the merry-go-round of life.

quotes≪I've always known that something doesn't run smoothly in watchmaking≫, jokes Thomas Baillod. With these few words, the brand founder presents his first manufacture movement.


Original language: German

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