The young watch brand BA111OD is pleased to announce the launch of the new model of its first Manufacture complication CHPTR_Δ AGIL (pronounced Chapter Delta Agil) in an exclusive version issued in 111 numbered pieces, offering an elegant play of light between the deep black of the case and the softness of the golden triangle.

This revolutionary creation, created in collaboration with the renowned watchmaker Olivier Mory from La Chaux-de-Fonds, offers a new interpretation of time by combining a circular minute display with a hypocycloid hour display symbolized by a triangle in the foreground of the dial. Launched globally last year, this asymmetrical time display transforms the reading of time into a choreographic experience, capturing an alternative temporality that embodies the carousel of life.


"I've always known that something wasn't running smoothly in watchmaking," jokes Thomas Baillod. With these few words, the brand founder presents his first manufacture movement. While the minute hand circles the dial in one hour as usual, the hour is indicated by a small dot that follows a hypocycloidal path within a triangle in a non-linear interpretation of time.

The dot runs slower and then faster again in seemingly irregular yet perfectly regulated and precise movements. "I appreciate this aspect of time, which seems to pause without interrupting its course. Beyond the hypnotic effect, I am fascinated above all by the symbolism of life. These suspended moments are precious and equally fleeting. They invite us to enjoy the here and now before we return to the hustle and bustle of life. The CHPTR_Δ is a hymn to time that counts."

The realization of this project, originally conceived by watch developer Diego Böttger-Zevallos, turned out to be complex. Nevertheless, Thomas Baillod accepted the challenge. For the technical development and production, he once again turned to the ingenious watchmaker Olivier Mory, who was already responsible for the various lines of the BA111OD Chapter 4 Tourbillon.

Original article in German: Die junge Uhrenmarke BA111OD bringt ein neues Modell | SEESICHT — Das Zürichsee-Magazin (





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