BA111OD wows again with highly-affordable Swiss-made Chapter 3.3

BA111OD has made waves in the Swiss watch industry with accessible pricing on its tourbillons, in addition to its ground-breaking Afluendor programme. Following the success of its first two tourbillons, BA111OD says it has not forgotten the first Swiss Made watches that first made the brand successful.

In remembering its roots, the brand today has launched an elegant three-hand model, with an opening in its smoked dial. In stock and already on sale, it is a clear indication of BA111OD’s intention to consolidate its presence in this segment and make an impact in it.

Since 2019, BA111OD has been creating a surprise with each new launch, coordinated via the LinkedIn platform, then at private events, organized with and for the brand’s Afluendors (short for “ambassador, influencer and vendor”).

Each time with the same formula: the presentation, to a growing community, of spectacular watches of strong identity and powerful design, thanks to the talent of Senior Designer, Liliane Murenzi.

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Original text - Alex Douglas - english - Watchpro

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