Watchpro - Chapter 4.9

Watchpro - Chapter 4.9

BA111OD beams space rock onto the dial of its Chapter 4.9 Meteor Tourbillon

04 april 2024


Each special edition watch is unique thanks to the variation between slithers of meteorite used for the dial.


Independent Swiss watchmaker BA111OD has introduced an other-worldly addition to its Chapter 4 collection with a meteorite dial and off-centre tourbillon placed distinctively at 7 o’clock and a crown at 4 o’clock balancing the design.

No two dials of a Chapter 4.9 Meteor Tourbillon are the same since they are all made from slithers of grey meteorite.

“At BA111OD, we have always been committed to pushing back the boundaries of watchmaking innovation while preserving the traditional values for which our company is renowned,” says Thomas Baillod, the brand’s founder.

“This new Chapter, with its grey meteorite dial, perfectly embodies this philosophy. It is a masterful fusion of craftsmanship and elegance, and a testament to our dedication to offering our customers watches of exceptional quality and timeless beauty at unrivalled prices,” he adds.

Liliane Murenzi, BA111OD’s senior designer, adds: “Creating this model was much more than a simple styling exercise. Each meteorite fragment that I used to shape this dial tells a unique story, a story of travel through space and time. More than just materials, these meteorites symbolise luck and protection, offering wearers a connection to the stars and a touch of watchmaking magic.”



Original atricle by Rob Corder : BA111OD Beams Space Rock Onto The Dial Of Its Chapter 4.9 Meteor Tourbillon ( 

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